Competitive advantage of arcelor mittal economics essay

This means that the firm has been focusing on a number of different steel-based products to meet the demands of consumers to include: Technology is needed to make the best products in the most efficient manner, and the steel industry will see more efficient and positive changes as technology gets better.

Trade between two countries is based on a barter system. Organizations will comply with the legal requirements and will ensure employees have a safe and healthy work environment.

Internal Analysis Value Chain Analysis Primary Activities Inbound Logistics Nucor has begun developing processes to create their own raw materials, through new technologies and by using scrap materials. In order to maximize productivity at these locations executives must be able to take the cultural traditions of Belgium and combine them with those of South Africa.

By focusing on the plant and the people, Nucor has helped make themselves a more successful company, and a leader that other companies wish to aspire to.

The company pursues a consistent strategy to reduce exposure to risk and cyclicality by using a three-dimensional strategy focusing on product diversity, geographic breadth, and vertical integration both upstream and downstream.

However, in Arcelor-Mittal case, even Goldman Sachs had taken over the mandate to arrange loan to raise the cash part of the deal. However, nothing ever came out of that clause Lewis, Booz Allen and Hamilton use the concept of the manufacturing mission as the way a product should be sourced, manufactured and distributed.

The Mittal Steel Case

As steel is still a very necessary component of construction, automobiles, and manufacturing, there seems to be a long lifespan for the industry. As a result, managers will take select elements of Belgium culture and integrate it with specific South African traditions.

Networking and relationship building are keys to successfully building long-term connections with officials and other business executives. Methods as career development workshop, human resources planning and forecasting, succession planning, career development pathing programs and mentoring are set in place to guide employees.

The benefits may include reduction of transportation costs, access to low cost production factors, and greater economies of scale. The first line of defense taken by the management team was a ill-thought of smear campaign aimed to tarnish the image of Lakshmi Mittal and the companies held by him.

Economics ArcelorMittal Steel

In addition to this, yet another significant factor was the role of investment bankers in the deal. Other elements that influence trade decisions are barriers for example tariffs and quotasthe cost and economies of scale in production, and the mixture of goods and services that local population is demanding.

ArcelorMittal Porter Five Forces Analysis

Arcelor-Mittal was an exception even in this case. The issue that appealed best to the management was that Severstal was a European company, as against Mittal Steel, which it considered merely as a third world company and hence beneath its choice of a partner for a merger.

Opening up of the market does allow for a wider range of customers, though. The money is instead reinvested in the company and the focus is on the products and the people.

Efficiency of financial markets — Does ArcelorMittal needs to raise capital in local market?. The geographically diverse portfolio of mining assets allows the company to supply the developing world as well as its own steel facilities.

As most of the mines are also in close proximity to the group’s steel plants, the own production provides a competitive advantage for the company. ArcelorMittal managers can use Porter Five Forces to understand how the five competitive forces influence profitability and develop a strategy for enhancing ArcelorMittal competitive advantage and long term profitability in Steel & Iron industry.

ArcelorMittal is the largest producer and will remain to be so due to its highly competitive investment strategy. Another fast growing company is Tata Steel with its acquisition of Corus, the second largest steel producer in Europe, it poses considerable competition to ArcelorMittal.

Competitive Advantage Essay by Mashell Chapeyama University of the People Competitive advantages of Chipinge Banana Company A competitive advantage refers to any asset or capabilities that a company has that gives value to it or its products and services, which competitors do not have.

ArcelorMittal PESTEL & Environment Analysis

Comparative Advantage and Strategy The design of international strategies is structured on the interplay between the comparative advantages of countries and the competitive advantages of firms.

These two advantages determine the answer to the two principal questions in international strategy. Competitive Environmental Analysis The following is a brief analysis of Nucor’s main competitors: Arcelor Mittal, United States Steel, and Tata Steel. This section discusses their strengths and weaknesses compared to Nucor’s and how Nucor can take advantage of current competitor situations to better their position in the industry.

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ArcelorMittal PESTEL / PEST & Environment Analysis[Strategy]