Ciscos strategy in recessionary times essay

The argument is admittedly trivial. They saw it as vital in order to survive. Other threats include cheaper alternatives and their direct competitors: One socio-cultural issue that may relate to them is the current trend of technical people leaning more towards open-source software and hardware products.

Core Competencies By definition the core competencies differentiate an organization from its competition.


Different types of assets expose investors to different levels of risk. Between and they did not acquire any companies.


Added to this continued improvement to customer and supplier relations. Areas of technological growth include video and teleconferencing, telepresence, unified communication, big-data, cloud computing and smart grid overlaying a digital network onto the existing electrical network.

Finally, a conclusion and summary of our findings and an appendix for the resource references used during the research, and an appendix of financial information. HIGH In terms of networking equipment and video conferencing facilities, there are a wide range of suppliers for customers to choose from.

As Cisco is an international organisation operating in many different countries across the globe, they must be aware of differing national laws and regulations.

Intensity of Competitive Rivalry: Cisco through every recession have maintained large assets and cash. We calculate volatilities and Sharpe Ratios using real absolute monthly returns, rather than nominal monthly returns over treasury bills.

What will its price in the market be. This leads to another strategy employed by Cisco, and one that has not been helped employee relations, the choice to downsize during periods of economic or market downturn. We can arbitrarily separate asset risk into three different types: Price Earnings Ratio Although Cisco is trying to ensure a dominant position in all of its markets and reflected in last quarterly results their earnings were above expectations.

Threat of New Entrants: A second category of risk is inflation risk. 1. Insight ReportThe Global InformationTechnology Report Growth and Jobs in a Hyperconnected WorldBeñat Bilbao-Osorio, Soumitra Dutta, and Bruno Lanvin, Editors 2.

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Ciscos strategy in recessionary times essay
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